Top Hotels in Renfrew | Best Hotels For Rained Out Campers

The camping in Ontario, especially at Renfrew, is not one to be missed thanks to the three large camping grounds in the area. In Renfrew KOA, the main attraction is its huge spring-fed lake. Campers can spend the day fishing and swimming or rent a canoe and cruise around the lake. Meanwhile, Canadian Timberland Campground is the center of outdoor activities. Amenities include a gated pool, volleyball court and a clubhouse. Campsites are available for a day, a week, or even in seasons. Campers on Ferguson Farm Campground usually spend most of their time swimming and fishing. RVs and tents alike have their spots on the campgrounds.

With all these options, camping in Ontario, Renfrew is guaranteed to be one for the books. However, one thing stands against your camping trip - the weather. Camping is never fun when it's raining. You can never enjoy any camping activity when its pouring cats and dogs outside. But fret not because there are a number of top hotels in Renfrew should you get rained on on your camping trip. These range from the snazzy to the low-key, so budget shouldn't be a worry.

There are even hotels where you can enjoy free nights by being a member of certain travel sites. When checking out the top hotels in Renfrew, some factors to consider include price, location, amenities, and nearby attractions. Because despite that your camping got cancelled due to the rain, the whole trip need not be cancelled. The following are some of the top hotels in Renfrew where you can hole up and still have a great time.

Bide-A-While Bed & Breakfast

This hotel has a lovely double room that comes with a sunroom on the second floor. The color scheme is a pretty yellow and blue and the rooms have comfortable quilt and beddings. The look and feel of the rooms will pleasantly surprise you. The breakfast offers at this B&B seals the deal for the guests. This charming B&B offers good value for money, and the owners are very warm and accommodating to boot.

Calabogie Motor Inn

Guests always have a pleasant stay at this family-run motel. The beds are comfortable, and with their strong Wifi connection, you can get connected to the world conveniently. You can also ask the owners for tips on roaming around Renfrew as they are very familiar with the local attractions and amenities. Located near the Calabogie Motorsports Park, this is the best place to check in when you plan to check out that park. It is also near Shooters Restaurant Bar. The place is very easy to find so booking a room shouldn't be too difficult.

Calabogie Peaks Hotel

Located in a beautiful area, Calabogie Peaks Hotel is your best option when you want to see the fall colors. Here, you are really close to nature, and will be almost like you're camping. Rooms have scenic views which you can enjoy in the balcony. You can cool down after a tiring day in the hot tub. The hotel also has a pool, and the food and staff are amazing. Peace and tranquillity close to nature is what you can expect from your stay here.