Top Golf Courses in Muskoka, Ontario

There are many excellent reasons why Muskoka should be your first choice for a summer vacation, and we will explain just why. Muskoka is situated on the west coast of Georgian Bay, encompassing some of Ontario and Canada's most enchanting landscapes with several must-see lakefronts. It is an increasingly popular destination for summer and winter vacation as it provides ample opportunities for boating, hiking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, jet skiing, and similar activities. It may not seem like it, but Muskoka is also a top destination for golf enthusiasts, with dozens of golf clubs, golf courses, and resorts offering golfing services for locals and tourists. The quiet town of Huntsville is Muskoka's biggest town and a famous tourist center in itself. There are several attractive golf clubs in and around the town that every passionate golfer should visit. We've curated and listed five of the best golf clubs in the area and provided a few details about each.

Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course

Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course is part of the Deerhurst Resort, which has a history of over 120 years and is deeply rooted in the community. Deerhurst Resort is renowned for its exquisite location in the Canadian Shield, but its two top-of-the-line golf courses are what draw most visitors. The first is the 9-hole Deerhurst Lakeside Golf Course, with its meandering fairway, water challenges, and phenomenal vistas of the lakeside of Fairy Lake. The second is the Deerhurst Highlands par 72 golf course, designed in 1990, one of Canada's top 50 golf courses. The Deerhurst Highlands Golf Course is about a 10-minute drive east of Huntsville, about 4.2 miles (approximately 7km). The course is challenging but incredibly scenic, integrated with the unique surrounding landscape. There is also the Highlands Halfway House if you want to take a breather and other amenities provided at the resort.

Grandview Golf Club

True to form, the Grandview Golf club offers exceptional views and a rounded golfing experience for newbies and practiced golfers. The Grandview Golf course is located about 4 miles (6.5km) east of Huntsville, and it should take you no longer than 10 minutes to get there by car. The club's golf course is named after former PGA Tour winner Mark O'Meara, the course's co-designer alongside noted golf course designer Brit Stenson. The course and club are part of the ClubLink network of golf courses, which numbers over 50 courses in the US and Canada. The Grandview Golf Course is one of ClubLink's top courses. The club is about a 2.5-hour drive from Toronto and makes a perfect destination for a wedding or a corporate meeting. Its dining facilities accommodate up to 250 guests for meetings, weddings, special events, and golf tournaments.   The club also provides on-course golf lessons via its ClubLink Golfing Academies for beginners and amateurs who want to polish their skills.

Muskoka Bay Golf Course

Muskoka Bay Golf Course is slightly farther from Huntsville than the two courses mentioned above. The course is part of the Muskoka Bay Resort, located near the coast of Muskoka Bay, about 33 miles (54mk) south of Huntsville, or approximately a 40-minute drive. The resort features an award-winning course designed by renowned course architect Doug Carrick. The course is noted for its abrupt elevation and waving fairway changes, making it somewhat challenging. It is a great training ground for beginners, nonetheless, and more than adequate for seasoned golfers. The resort makes an almost perfect location for hosting a golf tournament. It features a 17,000 sq. ft. clifftop clubhouse with unparalleled panoramic views, dining and entertainment facilities, and various other amenities, with a capacity to host up to 175 people.

The Rock Golf Club

Each golf course on our list has been picked for its accommodation services, amenities, dining options, a quality golfing experience, and natural appeal. The Rock Golf Club's place among the most picturesque courses in Muskoka is well-deserved. The par 72 course stretches across 6,649 yards of captivating greenery. It was designed by former English pro golfer Nick Faldo, who used the surrounding landscape to carve out one of Ontario's and Canada's best-looking golf courses. The course is lined with lush greenery, hardwood trees, natural outcrops, and sloping terrain. The Rock Golf Club is about 34 miles (56km) west of Huntsville, so it should take 45-50 minutes to get there. The club can be a rewarding learning experience for adults and children, with dedicated junior camps for young golfers aged 7-16.

Bigwin Island Golf Club

Bigwin Island Golf Club is about a 30-minute drive (21miles) south of Huntsville. Situated on the eastern shore of Lake of Bays, it rivals all previously mentioned courses in terms of appeal. The club is considered one of North America's most stylish and attractive resorts. As far as the course is concerned, it is a par 72 championship golf course sprawling over 7,166 yards. The golf course is relatively new and mixes with historical points like the original dining facility in the Bigwin Inn, which was established over a century ago in 1920. The course stretches along a smooth green but uneven fairway with unsurprisingly beautiful views of the Lake of Bays, which is probably the most eye-opening on the 18th and final hole. The club provides various amenities to visitors, including free parking, club cleaning, locker rooms, and valet boat services both to and from Bigwin Island, among other amenities.

Where to Stay

Out of around 1,600 lakes in Muskoka, Lake Vernon is one of the most beautiful and ideal cottaging destinations. And of the hundreds of Huntsville cottage rental options, the Muskoka Cottage stands out. The cottage overlooks Lake Vernon and is almost within walking distance of Fairy Lake.  Muskoka Cottage is a great property to stay at, whether you're into golfing or not. The cottage is about a 10-minute car ride from Huntsville or an even shorter distance if you travel by boat via Lake Vernon. The cottage and town are an hour's drive from each of the five golf courses on our list. Some, like the Grandview and Deerhurst Highlands courses, are much closer and take about 10 minutes to reach by car. The cottage exudes that quiet home feel, furnished with all necessities in addition to luxury amenities like a game lounge, private dock, hot tub, and lakefront terrace.