Ontario's Own Casino For Residents PlayOLG - What's Happened Now?

Gamers residing in Ontario will no doubt be familiar with advertisements recently plastered on the subway trains, available media outlets and most of the bus stops, announcing Ontario's launch, a review of their brand new gaming website where residents can spend time playing some exciting slots, along with other top casino games.

PlayOLG is the place to visit the ads proclaimed, but in reality how well has it measured up, especially when compared to some of the casino operations that have been in the business longer?

One could be forgiven for thinking that since this was a new venture all the stops would have been pulled out to ensure that it would run smoothly with no expense being spared, and state of the art this here, and state of the art there.

Now unfortunately the question begs to be asked, what on earth has been going on for something that was originally meant to launch in 2012 and appeared to come a cropper the first time round? Surely there must have been lessons to learn from the past that would have ultimately resulted in triumph this time round, what on earth has gone so wrong with PlayOLG? Something that can happen to every platform. Just like at CanadaFreeBees article where you can read about the small complaints about Mr Green Casino which isn't a deal-breaker, but bothersome to some players.

The current consensus would appear to conclude quite a lot. The website alone has already been derided by some as looking like a project delivered from a web design student in their first year, certainly not what would be expected from such an established organisation already entrusted with running the lottery.

Signing up for an account and funding it are few of the features that do run efficiently, however once inside behind the doors of the casino is where it fails to live up to its billing.

To start with one needs a good graphics card for the games to run as they should. Unfortunately then they start to lag. There is no casino download only online flash, and their games, of which there are only 28, seem like something from a decade and a half ago!

For more on the checkered history of the PlayOLG launch go to: Ontario online casino: http://grizzlygambling.com/legal/ontario-casino.html it's fascinating reading at the very least at how even the best laid plans can go wrong which of course is not a whole of help if it's in the glare of the public spotlight.

One would have hoped that such attention would have bought about an eventual successful launch, but alas it still seems that there is much to do. As to whether this will be addressed anytime soon, currently all bets are off!