Playing Online Roulette While Camping

One of the major differences between online roulette and playing the game at one of the many live casinos in Canada, is the actual speed at which you play. Well if you think about it, you are the only one playing when you are playing online roulette, so it is inevitable that as soon as you have placed your wager, the game gets underway. In the real setting, there are of course other players involved, and so it has to take longer, whilst they collect their winnings and then all of them will place their bets at different times. However, if you still prefer to play online roulette from the comfort of your home, we have the perfect site for you to visit. By clicking here, you can discover the top 10 best Canadian casino sites on which, besides roulette, you can play any other game you like free of charge by claiming a casino bonus.

I don't know if you have ever considered looking at a system for playing roulette. Chances are you may have as there are no shortage of them available on the internet, all I can say is be very wary indeed. There are sharks a plenty in these dangerous waters when it comes to looking at such things.

There is one system that is mathematically based called the Martingaale system that originated in France back in the 1700's. In essence you start with small stakes and are playing with the law of averages theory. If you win, you win and you put the same small stake on again. If you bet on a number and you lose, you stick with the same number again, but double your stake until you eventually win.

I tried this once playing online roulette, using a demo account just for fun. I just used the games black or red bet. I started out with a dollar on black to win, then if I won, next bet a dollar on red. If black lost, then I'd double up on black again, so on and so forth till it won. Incredibly, I got up to a $64K bet on black starting from a single dollar, who would have thought the red could come up so many times consecutively, Consider yourself warned!

Understand that Roulette is a game of random chance, pure and simple. Also it is one of the greatest money spinners for the casino in terms of the odds being very much stacked in the casino's favor. Does that mean you can't win, no of course not, otherwise why would people play? Enjoy, but always keep within your budget!